About Us

Welcome to Aeroscroll, where creativity meets technology. We are experienced developers and passionate bloggers who founded Aeroscroll with a shared vision to transform the digital experience. Our journey began with a commitment to innovation and a mission to redefine how websites tell visual stories.

Yannis Raftopoulos:
As co-founders and the creative minds behind Aeroscroll, we bring a wealth of expertise in web development and design. Yannis, with a background in Software Development and a keen eye for aesthetics, propels our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that captivate audiences.

Stavros Raftopoulos:
Co-founder and essential contributor at Aeroscroll. A skilled developer and passionate blogger, Stavros brings a wealth of experience to our dynamic team. With a background in Web Design and Software Development, he plays a key role in shaping our innovative solutions. Stavros is committed to excellence, ensuring our WordPress gallery plugin reflects the highest standards of functionality and user experience.

At Aeroscroll, we’re not just a team; we’re a family dedicated to pushing boundaries and unlocking the full potential of digital storytelling. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the way websites engage and inspire.

You can access our Aeroscroll Gallery Presentation from here: