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Now welcome to our Advanced Customization Showcase. This page is where the magic happens – where you, the master of your gallery, unlock a whole new level of control and personalization.

Picture this: a gallery that dances to your tune. In this showcase, we're revealing a treasure trove of options that let you tailor every inch of your gallery experience.

First up, say hello to responsive columns! Now, your gallery is not just a gallery; it's a mobile and tablet-friendly masterpiece. Customize the number of columns, ensuring your content looks stunning on every device. But wait, there's more! Adjust the scrolling speed to match your rhythm. Want a sleek, rapid scroll or a smooth, leisurely glide? The power is in your hands.

And that's not all – fine-tune the gaps between cells, create a perfect side gap, or enable the autoscrolling feature. Imagine your gallery telling a story on its own, effortlessly scrolling through your curated content. But we're just getting started. Sorting options, mouse wheel controls, and a plethora of other settings await you. This isn't just advanced customization; it's a revolution in how you present your galleries.

Ready to wield the power of customization like never before? Let's dive into the 'Advanced Customization Showcase' and craft a gallery that truly reflects your style and vision!"

Feel free to adjust the language to better align with your brand tone and messaging style.

Responsive Columns

Watch as the number of columns automatically adjusts based on the screen size, providing a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience across various devices. No matter the screen, our plugin ensures that your image galleries always look their best, captivating your audience with stunning visuals


Scroll Speed

Experience the flexibility and control our plugin offers, ensuring that your audience can enjoy your image galleries at their own comfortable scrolling speed.


Gap Between Cells

Fine-tune the gap between cells, ensuring each image is precisely spaced as you desire. Your gallery, your design, and every pixel is where it should be. Craft layouts that are as meticulous as your vision demands.

Auto Scrolling

Step into a world of engaging presentations with our automatic scrolling feature. In this demo, witness the seamless transformation of your gallery into a captivating slideshow