As you continue your exploration of the Aeroscroll Gallery WordPress plugin, dive deeper into its functionality with interactive demos of two key features:

Watermarking and Social sharing

Watermarking and Social Sharing Buttons. These powerful tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into your WordPress gallery, offering enhanced security and expanded reach for your content. Experience firsthand how incorporating these features can elevate your website’s user engagement and create a more dynamic browsing experience for your visitors.


Text based

Image based

Watermarking is a crucial practice in the digital realm, serving as a protective layer for images shared online. By embedding a visible or invisible watermark onto images, creators assert ownership and deter unauthorized use. This becomes especially pertinent in fields like photography, art, and content creation, where intellectual property is highly valued. Watermarks act as digital signatures, showcasing the origin and ownership of the content, thereby safeguarding against plagiarism and misuse. Moreover, in an era of rampant online sharing, it ensures that creators receive due credit for their work, fostering a culture of respect for intellectual property rights.

The tool provides two options for creators:

Text-based and Image-based Watermark. In both options, users have the flexibility to adjust the opacity, size, position, and color of the watermark to suit their preferences.”

Text-Based: Customize your digital content with our text-based tool. Easily add your own text overlay to images, asserting your ownership and branding with clarity and precision. Whether it’s your logo, copyright notice, or personalized message, the text-based watermark option allows you to convey your identity and protect your content with ease. With adjustable settings for opacity, size, position, and color, you have full control over how your watermark appears, ensuring a seamless integration with your images while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Image-Based: Unleash your creativity with our image-based tool. Choose from a selection of images or upload your own logo or icon to serve as a watermark on your digital content. With this option, you can infuse your images with your unique branding elements, enhancing recognition and reinforcing your visual identity across platforms. From subtle watermarks to bold insignias, the image-based watermark option offers versatility and customization to suit your branding needs. Adjust the opacity, size, position, and color of your watermark to achieve the perfect balance between visibility and subtlety, ensuring that your content stands out while maintaining

What is a Watermark? (

Social Sharing Buttons

In the digital age, social sharing has emerged as a cornerstone of online interaction, facilitating the seamless dissemination of content across social media platforms. With the integration of social sharing features such as share buttons, websites transform into dynamic hubs of engagement, empowering users to effortlessly share compelling content with their social networks. These share buttons serve as gateways to a broader audience, enabling content to transcend geographical boundaries and reach users across the globe. By leveraging the power of social sharing, content creators unlock new avenues for visibility and engagement, fostering a sense of community and collaboration in the digital landscape.

Social share buttons have become indispensable tools for businesses, bloggers, and content creators seeking to maximize the impact of their online presence. By strategically placing these buttons alongside captivating content, websites encourage users to become active participants in the dissemination process, amplifying the reach and influence of their digital footprint. From viral marketing campaigns to grassroots advocacy efforts, social sharing buttons serve as catalysts for organic growth and audience engagement. Embracing the ethos of sharing, content creators harness the collective power of social networks to spark conversations, inspire action, and forge meaningful connections in an interconnected world.

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