Themes included

Discover the magic that our Aeroscroll Gallery offers, within our cell themes demos that modify the appearance of cells, including whether they include text and descriptions. Here, we're giving you a front-row seat to witness the visual transformation that happens when you explore our 6 different cell style themes. It's not just about choosing a theme; it's about creating a visual vibe that resonates with you.

Imagine strolling through a gallery where each cell tells its own story. In this demo, you'll have the power to choose from 6 distinct cell style themes, each with its unique personality. Want a sleek and modern look? We got it. Prefer a touch of vintage charm? We got that too.

But here's the kicker – it doesn't stop there! We're putting the reins in your hands by letting you customize each theme's colors from our plugin's admin interface. Imagine having a gallery that not only showcases your content but also aligns perfectly with your brand colors or personal taste.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into a world where every cell tells a story, and you're the master storyteller. Let's explore the Cell Themes and make your gallery uniquely yours!

Theme A


Theme B


Theme C


Theme D


Theme E


Theme F