Discover the Vibrant World of Art at 11R Gallery, 195 Chrystie Street, New York

11R Gallery

Nestled in the vibrant streets of New York’s Lower East Side, the 11R Gallery, originally founded as Eleven Rivington in 2007, stands as a beacon of contemporary art and creativity. Located at the iconic 195 Chrystie Street, this gallery has evolved from a modest space into a significant cultural institution within New York’s bustling art scene.

The inception of 11R Gallery marked the beginning of a new chapter in the presentation and appreciation of contemporary art in New York City. With its doors first opening at 11 Rivington Street, the gallery was initially housed in a space of just 650 square feet. This small beginning, however, belied the ambitious vision of its founders and director, Augusto Arbizo. They sought to create a platform that was not just a gallery, but a dynamic space for cultural exchange and artistic innovation.

As the gallery grew in stature and size, moving to a larger 1,200-square-foot space at 195 Chrystie Street in 2012, and expanding further in 2015, its mission also evolved. The gallery has consistently focused on cultivating and showcasing the talents of emerging and mid-career artists, both from New York and around the globe. This commitment has seen the gallery play a crucial role in launching the careers of numerous artists who are now recognized on an international scale.

11R Gallery’s approach to art is characterized by a deep commitment to artistic expression that challenges and engages its audiences. Through a carefully curated program that includes solo debuts, historic material presentations, and thematic exhibitions, the gallery not only displays art but also fosters a dialogue between the artists and the community. This engagement is further enhanced by the gallery’s location directly behind the New Museum, placing it at the heart of New York’s contemporary art dialogue.

As we delve deeper into the story of 11R Gallery, we explore its exhibitions that span a variety of media and styles, the artists who have become part of its vibrant community, and the events that have marked its journey in the art world. This exploration is not just about understanding a gallery’s history or its physical space; it’s about appreciating a living, breathing institution that continues to influence and redefine the boundaries of contemporary art. Join us as we explore the past, present, and exciting future of 11R Gallery.

11R Library

History of the 11R Gallery

  • Origins and Founding: Founded in 2007 under the name Eleven Rivington, the gallery started in a modest 650 square foot space at 11 Rivington Street.
  • Expansion and Relocation: Under the leadership of Augusto Arbizo, the gallery expanded to a 1,200-square-foot space at 195 Chrystie Street in 2012 and further grew in 2015.
  • Evolution of Name and Brand: Transitioning from Eleven Rivington to 11R, the gallery embraced a broader international focus while maintaining its core mission.

11R Gallery Exhibitions

  • Showcasing Emerging Artists: 11R is known for launching the New York solo debuts of international artists like Caetano de Almeida, Michael DeLucia, and Aiko Hachisuka.
  • Historic Collaborations: The gallery has presented works by visionary artists such as Jo Baer, Daniel Buren, and Lygia Clark, placing contemporary works in dialogue with historic pieces.
  • Special Projects and Features: Regularly featuring in major international biennials, the gallery’s artists have graced exhibitions at venues like the Venice and Whitney Biennials.

Notable Artists at 11R Gallery

  • Chris Caccamise and Jackie Saccoccio: Focused on young, New York-based talent, artists like Chris Caccamise and Jackie Saccoccio are integral to the gallery’s roster.
  • International Representation: With artists like Volker Hüller from Germany and Meyer Vaisman from Venezuela, 11R boasts a diverse international presence.
  • Rediscovering Moira Dryer: The gallery has played a crucial role in the rediscovery and appreciation of the late Canadian artist Moira Dryer.

Gallery Space and Layout

  • Expansive Facilities: Spanning 3,000 square feet, the gallery includes two main exhibition spaces and a dedicated project room.
  • Strategic Location: Situated behind the New Museum, its location at 195 Chrystie Street enhances its accessibility and prominence in the Lower East Side.

Events and Community Engagement

  • Art Discussions and Openings: 11R Gallery regularly hosts discussions, opening receptions, and artist talks that foster community engagement and appreciation of contemporary art.
  • Participation in Art Fairs: As a member of NADA and ADAA, 11R actively participates in key art fairs, enhancing its visibility and influence in the art world.

Gallery Examples and Highlights

  • Innovative Installations: Featuring installations like Mika Tajima’s dynamic sculptures and Adam Shechter’s digital artworks, the gallery remains at the forefront of contemporary art.
  • Photographic and Painting Exhibits: With a diverse array of mediums, the gallery ensures a rich and varied visual experience for all visitors.

Connecting with 11R Gallery

  • Website: Find out more on 11R Gallery their page http://www.11­rgallery.com.
  • Visit and Experience: Art enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the gallery in person to experience the vibrant and transformative art it offers.


11R Gallery continues to be a vital part of New York’s art scene, championing both emerging and established artists while contributing significantly to the cultural tapestry of the city. Whether you are an art lover, collector, or simply curious, a visit to 11R offers a unique and enriching experience that reflects the pulsating heart of contemporary art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of art does 11R Gallery primarily showcase? 11R Gallery is renowned for its focus on contemporary art, showcasing a mix of painting, sculpture, and digital installations. The gallery emphasizes works by emerging and mid-career artists from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, blending a rich variety of cultural perspectives and artistic practices.

2. How has 11R Gallery contributed to the careers of emerging artists? 11R Gallery has played a pivotal role in launching the New York solo debuts of many international artists. By providing a platform for emerging talent, the gallery has helped artists gain significant exposure and recognition within the art community, thus contributing to their career development and market entry.

3. Can visitors purchase artwork directly from 11R Gallery? Yes, visitors can purchase artwork directly from 11R Gallery. The gallery staff assists collectors and art enthusiasts in acquiring pieces that resonate with their tastes and preferences, offering expert advice on both established and emerging artists represented by the gallery.

4. What are some must-see exhibitions at 11R Gallery? Some of the must-see exhibitions at 11R Gallery include solo debuts by international artists such as Mika Tajima and Jackie Saccoccio, as well as thematic group shows that explore contemporary social and cultural themes. The gallery also hosts exhibitions featuring historic material in dialogue with contemporary works, enriching the viewer’s experience of the evolution of modern art.

5. How can artists apply to exhibit at 11R Gallery? Artists interested in exhibiting at 11R Gallery are encouraged to submit a portfolio or representative samples of their work directly to the gallery’s directorial team for review. It’s recommended to include a biography, an artist statement, and detailed descriptions of the works. The gallery may also scout artists through studio visits, art fairs, and other exhibitions.

6. What are the operating hours of 11R Gallery? The operating hours of 11R Gallery are typically from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. However, these hours can vary based on the exhibition schedule and special events, so visitors are advised to check the gallery’s website or contact the gallery directly for the most current information.

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